An emcee cut from the same cloth as hip hop’s best, the 19 year old engineering major currently attending Xavier University in Cincinnati grew up under the influence of hip-hop through his father, Saint Louis rapper, Jus Bleezy.Developing his own ear for music, Terry ‘T-Man’ McRoberts was first exposed to music genres classical, jazz and the blues. However, he was drawn and listened to hip hop’s lyrical beasts ranging from Rakim to Tribe Called Quest, to UGk, and Outkast. “I listened to a wide variety of music as a child. By the age of 9, the Jennings Missouri native started to feel hip-hop sending him into a trance. He formed a rap group with two neighborhood friends. Strong minded, they wasted no time and the pre-teens recorded their first mixtape, TNG; Episode 1. At 14, when hip hop was serving up talent daily, T-Man released his first untitled mixtape selling over 10,000 copies. He gained credibility with the Midwest named artist the elevated standards set by himself. Ever determined, T-Man recognizes music as an art form and not just a meal ticket. Throughout high school, he maintained a 3.0 GPA and was the captain of the varsity basketball team all while religiously visiting the studio. Currently, his mixtape “Above the Rest” is available on and is gaining attention daily. The 25-track disc is a reflection of his anti-commercialist swagger, through his rugged delivery and lyrical crowd pleasers like his first single, “My Girl.” With the achieved level of success this street viable lyricist has obtained, he is far from a dreamer. T-Man says, “Everyone has a dream. What separates the dreamers from dream makers is that dream makers reach their destination to success and dreamers sit back and only wish to be in that position.