Peterson was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and spent his youth growing up in the game. Jus Bleezy gained his credibility on some of the meanest streets in St. Louis, becoming intimately familiar with its codes of violence. In the early 90’s he found himself on street corners spitting volcanic rhymes and became famous in the hip-hop underground because of his distinctive, blatant hustler style and gritty flow. Bleezy found a successful writing formula by vividly detailing the life of a street hustler from a personal perspective. These experiences comprised some of the most compelling lyrical content ever written and gave his music a sense of realism. They include a shooting incident, outside of familiar St. Louis club, The Smith Center, which was regularly frequented by DJ Quick, Above the Law and Breed. As Jus Bleezy left a set, he was shot 7 times. Thought dead, homicide detectives outlined his body as he lay motionlessly in the street. Although riddled with bullets from both an AK47 and a 9 millimeter, Jus Bleezy survived..





The All Stars